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QED XT40i 2x3 mtr.

1.999 kr.

XT40i with X-Tube™ TechnologyAs befits a company rapidly closing in on its fifth decades at... Læs mere

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QED XT40i 2x3 mtr.

XT40i with X-Tube™ Technology

As befits a company rapidly closing in on its fifth decades at the forefront of speaker cable design, QED’s brand new XT40i speaker cable builds on the formidable reputation of the XT40 cable it replaces and offers a decisive step up in sound quality.

This pure oxygen-free copper cable uses an evolution of QED’s established X-Tube technology to guarantee superb timing and stereo imaging, and adds the brand new and highly innovative Air Gap dielectric to bring unheard-of rhythmic accuracy and musicality to a cable of this modest price. Very low DC resistance adds unrivalled frequency response to XT40i’s already potent audio capability. The result is a cable that advances on the class-leading standards set by its predecessor.

We urge you to audition XT40i - we’re confident you’ll agree it even outperforms alternative cables at many times the price. Prepare to be surprised and delighted.

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